BNOC hosts Sport for All Festival in Selibe-Phikwe

Selebi Phikwe: The Botswana National Olympic Committee will host the Sports for All Festival in the mining town of Selibe Phikwe from 10th to 11th June, 2016 in collaboration with the Selebi Phikwe community and office of the District Commissioner. The festival is sponsored by Olympic Solidarity with the aim to encourage multi-codes sport participation, physical literacy and mass participation.

The Sport Festival will consist of interactive demonstrations of fundamental movements and sport skills from local clubs, educational health and wellness organizations with the aim to motivate Batswana to partake on multi-sport in order to figure out which sport they are naturally gifted on before finally specializing on it in line with the philosophy of the Botswana long term athlete development framework.

This festival is designed to expose Batswana of all ages and abilities to multiple-sport and physical activity opportunities available in their areas thereby targeting both the grassroots/physical literacy and life-long participation for all streams while promoting Olympism through sport for all, friendship, and education.

The opening day will focus on local schools, targeting the young population deliberately intertwining the event with the Botswana Long Term Athlete Development (BLTAD) framework which was designed to identify and nurture the country’s young talent in order to develop them in to elite athletes for the future. On the second day, the target will be the general public where the participants will be encouraged to take part on various physical activities.

Activities of the day will include: Aerobics/Zumba, Traditional Dance, Traditional Games, Anti-Doping Education, Olympism/BNOC Quiz, as well as demonstrations and mini games from different sports such as: Cycling, Karate, Boxing, Ball room dance, athletics, Ball sports (Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Softball and Swimming).