Commonwealth Games Canada Queen Elisabeth Scholars’ Initiative (QESI) Coach Mentorship Program

The BNOC will receive 9 interns over the next 3 years at 4 month placements at a time from Commonwealth Games Canada’s QESI starting Sept 2015.

These interns will help to develop a Coach Trainer Mentorship and Program Implementation over the 4 month span consisting of the following:

  1. Coaches have in Class Education of a specific program that is aligned with BLTAD principles (i.e., Kids Athletics)
  2. Coaches implements program over 2-3 months while receiving mentorship and follow-up
  3. Coaches return for a second education to be trained as a Coach Trainer to conduct the next programs

We have 9 placements available rotating through the dates below. Please contact us for more information if you wish to benefit from the QESI.

Sept – Dec 2015

Jan – April 2016
May  - Aug 2016
Sept – Dec 2016

Jan – April 2017
May  - Aug 2017
Sept – Dec 2017

Jan – April 2018
May  - Aug 2018
Sept – Dec 2018

QESI Example Placement 1: Kids Athletics.