Commonwealth Games Canada supports Botswana Long-Term Athlete Development

Gaborone: The Botswana National Olympic Committee will, over the next three years, beginning in September 2015, receive Canadian SportWORKS Officers (CSO) to roll-out the sport specific Botswana Long Term Athlete Development (BLTAD) frameworks. The officers will arrive through the Commonwealth Games Canada and Brock University’s (Canada) Queen-Elizabeth Scholars Initiative (QESI) program for sustainable sport development across the Commonwealth. Through the partnership, interns will be placed at National Federations on a 3-4 months rotation until the end of 2017.

The BNOC has been developing sport-specific BLTAD frameworks and implementation plans for various codes. Each sport will receive two placements, the first targeting grassroots and the second, youth/junior levels. Given the recent work that has been done with developing Botswana Athletics Association’s implementation plan through the assistance of BNOC’s BLTAD consultant, Ms. Jennifer Brown, athletics has been given the opportunity for the first two placements.

The role of the CSO will be to guide sports personnel to build capacity within the local sporting federation to implement these plans. Emphasis will be on educating both coaches and coach educators through an ongoing mentorship on stage-specific training and competition programs, as well as mentoring coaches and staff on the rollout of these programs. The programme will incorporate both classroom and practical education and will be used as a benchmark for further implementation from Sport Federations.

The first CSO, Michael Small, arrives on 11th September, 2015 and will be here for 3 months until 15 December and he will be based at the BAA offices.