Botswana Long-Term Coach Development (BLTCD)


The BLTCD is aligned to the principles and stages of the BLTAD and the International Council of Coaching Excellence (ICCE) Coach Developer Framework.

BLTCD Framework

Become an Expert in Your Field!

Just as athletes require different training at each stage (grassroots, youth, senior) coaches need different skills to train athletes of each stage! And we recognize that coaches at EVERY stage are of equal importance to our sport system.

Rather than becoming an expert coach from advancing from grassroots to senior, coaches can now become an expert in their own field! I.e., become an expert grassroots coach, or expert youth coach or expert senior coach!

Botswana Long-Term Coach Development Diagram

Fill out our Sport Specific NF BLTCD alignment survey and contact us to align your sporting code to the BLTCD!

Multiple Learning Methods: Moreover we recognize that there are multiple ways to learn; not just in the classroom, but on the field, track or court; discussing with others coaches; reading books or watching videos; etc. Each method has its strength and challenges and each coach has their preference. The BLTCD combines all learning methods to find the best combo of enhancing their strengths.

Professionalization: Before we can professionalize our coaching system we need a clear pathway, regulations, and a database of our coaches. For this reason we have created a database on our Zeus system to track both athletes and coaches. Help us help you by registering for the BLTCD today and receive your own BLTCD Coaching Card:

Botswana Long-Term Coach Development Coaching Card

Continued Professional Development (CPD) To Remain up-to date on your coaching qualification and new coaching science you will be required to collect Continue Professional Development points. Click here to find out how.

Coach Recognition: We recognize every coach at every stage plays an important role in athlete development and that coaches at different stage have different goals: i.e., aim for development at the grassroots level and aim for results at the elite. Rather than judging all coaches by only results (which is important at the elite but not the grassroots) we have created coach recognition forms to evaluate coaches based on what they are trying to achieve:

Botswana Long-Term Coach Development Coaching Levels

  • Grassroots Coach Recognition Forms
  • Youth Coach Recognition Forms
  • Senior Coach Recognition Forms

Coach Training: Lastly, we have created a coach trainer pathway to develop coach trainers to continue training coaches for long term, sustainable development. Click here for more.