Botswana Long-Term Athletic Development

The BLTAD is a strategic model for advancing long-term, sustainable participation and/or success.

World Leading Model:
It was adapted mainly from the Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L’s) world leading LTAD and the guidelines are based on scientific and psycho-social principles of growth and development.

Guiding Framework: It is NOT a program, but a national strategic framework to guide training programs and competitions towards achieving success in the long-term, where it counts: at the senior level.

Sport for All Ages: It is not only for Grassroots but provides guidelines for programs at ALL ages so that we can advance sport starting from the ground up: from grassroots to podium and beyond.

BLTAD diagram

BLTAD Key Factors

Excellence takes time

Success begins at the primary level by developing a variety of FUNdamental movement (i.e., run, jump, throw) and sport skills (i.e., dribble, serve, shoot)

Without FUNdamentals, children may lack the skills needed to advance in elite sport or to partake in life-long physical activity.

Click Here for more about developing FUNdamental Skills

Learn first to win later

Learning happens through mistakes. An early focus on winning may limit room for making mistakes, learning new skills, & thus limit skill development for future success.

Over-training and competing in a single sport too early may lead to injuries, burnout and early dropout from sport.

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What are We Doing?

At the BNOC we have the vision to develop more Olympians more often by system rather than by chance and foster lifelong participation for all by align sporting programs and coach education to BLTAD principles:

• inclusive • age-appropriate • sustainable • progressive • long-term vision •

We are doing this by:

Talent Identification Takes Time

Some children develop faster than others. (De) Selecting before all have reached the growth spurt can overlook late developers

All children should have a chance to develop, and Talent should be identified and re-assessed overtime

Click Here for more Talent Identification age - appropriate

Strategic Plan

1 Capacity Building and Knowledge Mobilization:

Educate and raise awareness amongst the general public and sporting organizations

  • BLTAD National Structure Assessments
  • Designing Sport specific BLTAD frameworks (see examples here)
  • Design Sport Specific BLTAD Action Plans
  • Align programs through the QESI Commonwealth Games Canada Internship program. Find out more here.

Do you want to align your sporting code to BLTAD principles for long-term participation and success in your sport? Fill out the BLTAD Readiness Assessment and send to the BNOC and we will contact you for the next available consultation appointment. In the meantime, check out these resources to help!

2 Sport-Specific Alignment: 20 by 2020:

Develop sport-specific BLTAD Process for 20 of the 32 sporting codes

  • Coach Education includes our annual Coaches Forum
  • BLTAD Events
  • Educational Resources
  • Aligning coach education to BLTAD principles through the Botswana Long Term Coach Development (BLTCD)

21 coaching courses and 500+ trained in 2015! Do you have a coach Education event coming up? Want BNOC to educate your coaches? Contact us today(click here)

3 Sport-Specific Alignment: 20 by 2020:

In addition to our staff, we have trained 13 BLTAD Champions as BLTAD trainers who are available to assist train your coaches and align your program to BLTAD principles

  • Click here to view their information

4 Stakeholder Engagement

The BLTAD is not just for the BNOC: it takes the collaboration of ALL stakeholders of Botswana sport to be on similar a pathway and thinking to effectively advance our sport from parents to coaches and national federations to schools. Find out your role here:

  • Stakeholder Map
  • Stakeholder Specific Roles Brochures