BNOC Scales Its Paperless Campaign

With a view to both preserve the environment as well as cut costs, the BNOC has streamlined and computerised key processes to improve efficiencies.

The BNOC has also recently reduced significantly the amount of paperwork it produced for its 34 member National Federations, by using IT platforms to share information.

The most recent development has been the procurement of tablets for the Board, who would now receive meeting packs and other communication electronically, thereby saving the organization money on ink and paper, transportation costs in addition to time that would otherwise be taken in putting together physical documents.

BNOC goes greenThe idea is to be totally paperless by the end of the current strategic plan 2008-2016. This, we are achieving through amongst other things, the use of the web-based Zeus system with support from the Commonwealth Games Federation for Team management. Zeus is a high performance team system that provides a standardized approach to managing athletes and Games teams. Other environmentally friendly initiatives include the use new media for some communications, as well as the automation of key processes such as installation of employee self-service for leave, transport claim, human resources filing system and payroll.

Besides caring for the environment and enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness, the BNOC aspires to be a leader is the area of sport corporate governance.  At its May 2015 Ordinary General Assembly, the organization resolved to, from then onwards to upload its audited financial statements to the website so that the public can have access to them, and true to that commitment, the 2013 and 2014 statements have already been loaded.

The organization also intends to upload minutes of its general assemblies to the website and that is set to happen after the 2015 General Assembly where after adoption, the 2015 Ordinary General Assembly minutes will be uploaded.

Being a civil society organization that survives on support from the Government of Botswana, international sport bodies such as the International Olympic Committee, the Commonwealth Games Federation and private sponsors, it is very pertinent that we uphold the highest levels of governance to the satisfaction of such stakeholders and indeed the very public for whom we manage elite sport for.

The BNOC mandate and other important documents can be accessed from their website: